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Mon 4th


Well done for all your work in converting between centimetres and metres and centimetres on Thursday. Today we are going to look at how we convert between millimetres and centimetres.


First, follow these slides to understand the relationship between cm and mm.



See if you can measure some things around your house that you would measure in mm and then write them down in cm and mm. for example a pencil which is 74mm long is 7cm and 4mm.
Now have a go at the questions for today. See how many you can do...

Spellings/ Handwriting

This weeks spellings for your group are below. Get used to your spellings as you practise your handwriting. It's fine to print them out or write them straight into your book, whichever you find easier!


To help you to find out more about what VE Day is I have got some reading for you to do today. Choose the level of the reading comprehension you feel comfortable with, then answer the questions.

Theme - Ancient Egyptians

Great work with your research and posters all about the River Nile and why it was so important to the Egyptians. 

Today we are going to learn a bit more about the types of jobs they had and how the fitted together. They had what is called a hierachy. This means that some jobs were seen as more important than others and those people  had more responsibility and were respected more.

Now see if you can put the jobs into a pyramid with the most important/powerful at the top, then work down. Where do you think they should go?  

Now check and see how the Egyptians saw it...