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Tues 31st Mar

Good morning Year 3. It was great to see so many pieces of work from yesterday. I'm glad that you are enjoying our Shakespeare week and the and A Midsummer Night's Dream. 


Today we have launched our Podcast for the school. This can be found here and you'll hear a sort of assembly by one of the teachers.  


I hope you enjoy the tasks for today. Remember to stay safe and have fun! Mr Fidler



Today we are moving onto finding fractions of an amount. This is where the whole is a number of items and we have to divide or share into a number of equal parts.


Please watch the video first, then complete the questions.

Answers from yesterday. Please find the answers for yesterday's work. Check and see if you were right and if not, where you went wrong. 


We are continuing with our work on 'Word Families' today.

For example, you could make thinking, antifreeze etc


Today I would like you to watch parts 3 and 4 of a Midsummer Night's Dream. Things certainly start to get a bit more interesting!

Now I would like you to write a short piece of speech between Oberon and Titania. They are having an argument and you are going to write down what they say to each to other. You can be creative and use your own ideas about what else they might say.


This is a good chance to revise the work we did on speech punctuation, other words for said and adding in action in between the speech! I've put some documents below to help and remind you if you need them. smiley

Shakespeare Project

It's your choice what you want to research and create today. Have a look on Shakespeare section and create something you enjoy. Don't forget to share your creations!