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Mon 23rd




LO - Can I design advertisement for a new flavour of pizza?


The manager of ‘Pizza Hut’ has given us the job of designing a new flavour of pizza.


In your books, can you please design a poster for the pizza (think about a slogan and what looks appealing to the buyer). Your poster will include some pictures but should also have some writing. You could use alliteration, quotes, a description and words to describe the delicious flavours. Your pizza will also need an eye-catching name.


When you are sure what the pizza will look like (and taste like), you need to write a speech that could be used to advertise the pizza on the radio. The speech needs to be punctuated correctly and have some really interesting vocabulary. Maybe you could perform your speech to siblings or carers at home! The most interesting flavours are more likely to become ‘best-sellers’.


If you are able to, you could upload a picture of your pizza to the blog.



LO - Can I find nouns and verbs in a passage?


Copy this paragraph neatly into your books. Then underline find 5 verbs and 5 nouns (of any type).



A pizza-type meal was first recorded as early as 997 AD in Italy. It probably appeared as a flatbread, possibly in the form of Foccacia, a bread that has herbs, oil and toppings added to make it more delicious. An interesting note on the history of flatbread in general is that nearly every international cuisine features this tasty treat. For example, Naan and Roti breads are popular in India, and pita bread is commonly found in Mediterranean kitchens. 



LO - Can I multiply and divide by 10 and 100?


Today you will be taking integers (whole numbers) and dividing or multiplying them by 10 or 100.


When we divide by 10, the number gets 10 times smaller (so all digits will move one place to the right). The decimal point will stay in the same place.


When we multiply by 10, the number get 10 times bigger (so all the digits move one place to the left). The decimal point will stay in the same place.


When you divide or multiply by 100 the process is steps are exactly the same but the numbers move TWO places.


Have a go at the ‘mymaths’ activities I have set.


Here is a video that might help you understand the process (but it doesn’t go into the decimal places).


Dividing by 10 and 100

In this video we are looking at dividing whole numbers by 10 and 100. We use a place value slider to show how digits move one column to the right when dividi...



LO - Can I find where food originated?


Look back at your pizza from earlier. Try to answer these questions in your book.


What ingredients do you think you’d need to make your pizza? Make a shopping list.


Where would the ingredients come from in the world?


What is the closest country to the UK where you could get the ingredients?


Could you change the ingredients slightly to lower the food miles (food miles are how far food has travelled to get to its destination).


Can you now think of a flavour which uses ingredients grown or produced in the UK?