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Choose your cricket match music (Music)

As we know, music can be very powerful and create emotion. It is the same in some forms of cricket. If you ever go to a T20 (20 over cricket match) then music is used to help create a great atmosphere and help keep the crowd and the players pumped up! 


It is used throughout the match and played for all to hear. I wonder if you could choose a piece or part of a piece of music that you think would fit these times of a match:

1) Going out to bat

2) Having hit a 6 over the boundary

3) Winning the game and being presented with a trophy.


 I've chosen mine below, but I'd love to hear what you think you'd choose!

Going out to Bat - Eye of the Tiger

The beat motivates me and increases the tension. It is full of power and I can imagine the crowd joining in as I stretch and walk onto the pitch to the first part of this song!

Hitting a Six - That's the Way I like it!

I can imagine the crowd all singing part of this old groovy tune because of the fast rhythm and the words of course

Victory - Celebrate Good Times... Come on!!!

This is a release of celebration after the tension of the match and a chance for everyone to dance too!