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English: Watch the video I have made explaining more about the present perfect tense and how to use it.  It's important that we know how to use this tense in our writing as it is used in texts such as diary entries, letters and newspaper reports.  So I would like to see some of your writing in your newspaper report written in this tense.  For your work today, you have a list of questions which you need to answer in the present perfect tense.  The verb to be used has been given to you, you just need to choose the correct spelling of that verb when it is used in the perfect form.


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Maths (live lesson): Meet me at 10 o'clock for more division fun!  We will be looking at division as repeated subtraction/grouping and finding remainders today.  There are a set of questions that I would expect all of you to complete and then there is an extension task if you choose to take on a challenge!


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Geography: Watch the video about deserts and then read the information uploaded about different deserts around the world.  Once you have done this you will need to label the different deserts correctly on the world map, you have been given information on the second page about each desert and where it is in the world.  Remember, you can visit these deserts via Google Earth! I have uploaded a powerpoint version of the worksheet for those of you who can't print at home, you will need to add a textbox over the boxes so you can type in your answers.


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Lesson feedback: Meet me at 2:30 pm for our feedback on today's Maths work.  We will be looking at anything that you found difficult or didn't understand and highlighting your fantastic work! smiley


Don't forget that you can also:

- complete a spelling activity

- complete the optional activities from your homework books

- do some personal reading and then quiz

- listen to the weekly music 

complete the daily PE activity and log your activities for the Get Set to Tokyo challenge!


Remember I'm available if you have any questions or need any help!

Mrs H