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Weds 6th


Well done for your measuring and understanding of perimeter yesterday. Remember the perimeter is the distance round the outside of a 2D shape.


We were looking at quadrilaterals yesterday, but today, as well as 4 sided shapes, we will be exploring other shapes too. The idea is still the same, but we need to measure or calculate the number of sides that the shape has.

To find the perimeter of this triangle, you would need to add the length of each side, so the perimeter of the triangle would be 4cm + 3cm + 5cm, so it would equal 12cm.




Have a look for other items around your house that are not quadrilaterals. Can you measure their perimeter?
Now have a go at calculating the perimeter of these shapes. Choose which level you think is appropriate for you.


Please find below your spellings for your group for this week, which you have already practised as part of your handwriting for the week.

Look at your slides and the explanation of the rule. If you can, put them on a slideshow so you can play the games. 

Now have a go at the fun activities. If you haven't got a printer to make the dice for Group 1, why not give each activity a number and throw a dice at home or do them in turn? 


Having researched about VE Day and explored pictures, you should be getting a good idea about what it's about. Tomorrow we are writing a diary entry, as a soldier who has been fighting in World War II and has just found out that the war in Europe is over.


To prepare, I would like you to create a plan today. If you need a reminder about what happened, I've included some information below and also a list of questions you might want to answer to get into character and help you plan what is going into your diary.






Don't forget that...


In our PSHE this week, you are going to remind yourself of this. Open the task below to find out what you need to do!