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Tues 21st


We are continuing with our work on equivalent fractions today. First, have a look at your answers from yesterday and check that you understood it.

Now watch the video for lesson 2 below and then have a go at the questions. Remember, you can draw out the fractions if you want or you can simply write down the answers in your book. I have attached a link to an interactive fraction wall too, to help you see the fractions that are the same.


This week we are revising some of our word classes. These are the names we give the types of words we use. Do you remember that we have their names and examples of them on the washing line in the classroom above my desk?


The main word classes are nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs. I wonder if you can remember what they all mean or do? Here is a reminder below if you can't remember.

Have a go at the quiz below and see if you can get them all correct. You will need to put it onto a slideshow and click the answer for it to work properly. If you don't have powerpoint or the quiz doesn't seem to work, then try the pdf version and I'll put the answers on the blog later today.


It was great to see the paragraphs from some of you yesterday, building the tension and adding description about the character. Today I want you to write what happens when they go inside the building. 



- Do they continue to feel the same way?

- Is there a twist? (or another twist for some of you)

- How will it end? Will there be a happy ending?


I look forward to seeing how you complete the fairytale ending!


Hola! It's time for some Spanish and today we will be learning about how to describe ourselves.

Watch the video first which introduces you to some of the key vocabulary. 

Descripciones personales_ Describing yourself.mp4

Still image for this video
Now, use the crib sheet below to help you describe yourself. Perhaps you could draw a picture and then put labels next to the parts you want to describe?