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Monday 27th April 2020


LO: Can I order decimals?


First, watch the video from - lesson 4 order decimals.  Either complete the sheet as the video goes along or afterwards.  You do not need to do question 1 unless you want some extra practice of writing decimals and using the place value grid to help.  It might help you to compare and order the decimals more confidently by writing them on to a place value grid.


Now, using a tape measure or a ruler (this could be more of a challenge with a shorter ruler!), measure the height of everyone in your house (pets can be included if you would like).  Write the measurement in centimetres (eg. 147cm) and then in metres, using the decimal part to show the centimetres (eg. 147cm = 1.47m which means 1m 47cm).  Can you now write the heights in ascending order?


LO: Can I respond to a text?


This week, we are going to explore a story set in the rainforest.  Today, I’d like you to watch the video of the story called The Great Kapok Tree.  First, think about the story using these questions:


What do you like about this story?

Is there anything that you dislike?

What patterns can you spot?


Then, have a go at answering the comprehension questions from the Word document in your book.



LO: Can I identify and find synonyms for verbs?


This activity uses some of the text from the Great Kapok Tree story you have looked at in English today.


First, look at the page titled “first page”.  The words in bold are all verbs.  What do they have in common?  What makes them verbs?

You can revise verbs using the revision sheet (page 2) if needed.

Using the sheet called “second page” (page 3 of the document), can you now identify the verbs, listing them in your book?

Now use the document called “changing verbs” to help you change them from past tense to present tense (as though the action is being done now, not in the past) and use a thesaurus and/or your own knowledge from reading to think of some synonyms (alternatives that mean the same).  You can write these into your book as well.


If you didn’t complete the “calm me” activity from Fowley’s Wings, please do this.  It is really important that we take time out of our day to calm our minds and bodies.


Then I would like you to complete the following activity which is for you and your family.  This is to create a worry box, into which you can put anything that is worrying you.  Follow the instructions on the sheet to create the box (do please decorate it in a way that helps it feel special for you and your family!).  You and the other members of your family can then write or draw on paper anything that is worrying you then take time to go through and discuss them together.