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Summer Week 1 20.04.20

You can now access the weekly P.E task from the class pages link.

Don't forget to make time to do some exercise!


Hello everybody, I hope you are all well and enjoyed your Easter holiday spending time with your families in the nice weather. Thank you for all the lovely work that was sent in last term and I hope you enjoyed the activities set.  I was really impressed with all the wonderful work completed in our 'Shakespeare Week' so a big well done to you all. 

I am missing teaching you all and seeing you everyday but it makes me happy knowing you are all safe and well at home.


Now it is the Summer term. Our topic this half term is called 'Terrific Tanworth!' It involves lots of Geography based work on the village of Tanworth in Arden.  In English we will move on to looking at traditional tales with a twist looking at some alternative versions of well known stories. In Maths we will continue to cover a variety of topics and make sure we keep practising our key skills across addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Monday 20th April 2020



This week we are going to look at 2D and 3D shapes. Look at the powerpoint below and name the 2D shapes that you can see. In Year 1 you would have learnt to recognise, name and describe some basic shapes.


In Year 2 we learn more shape names, some different vocabulary, how to describe a shape using its properties and learn how to identify irregular shapes.  Phew we will be busy!


Look at the powerpoint below and name the 2D shapes that you can see. Try to remember the names.

Were there any tricky ones?  It is often the pentagon which might be new learning for you that catches us out!

Also how can we remember the difference between a hexagon and an octagon?


Think of an octopus which has eight tentacles and an octagon which has eight sides.


A hexagon has the letter x in it.


So does the spelling of number six so a hexagon has six sides!


So now we have learnt the shape names lets look at the properties of those 2D shapes. We are doing to look at the number of sides of each shape and the number of vertices.  The easiest way to remember the meaning of vertices is that it means corners.

New word = Vertices

Complete the activity below by recording the number of sides and vertices each shape has.

2D shape property activity

English - Traditional Stories

Do you know what a traditional story is? How many traditional stories do you know? Do you remember the story of Little Red Riding Hood?


A traditional story is a story that has been retold many times and sometimes there are lots of different endings and versions. They often involve talking animals and sometimes try to teach a moral or an important lesson. There are usually good and bad characters but don't confuse them with fairy tales which need to have an element of magic.

These are some well known traditional stories.


The Three Little Pigs

Goldilocks and The Three Bears

Chicken Licken

The Enormous Turnip

The Ugly Ducking

The Little Red Hen

Little Red Riding Hood


Let's warm up for this weeks English - Look through the powerpoint to read a simple version of Little Red Riding Hood. Then use the sheet to sequence and retell the story.  Good Luck and Enjoy!


Topic/Theme - Geography

Today we are going to kick off our new topic of Terrific Tanworth!  I would like you today to see if you can navigate around a satellite image of Tanworth in Arden. A satellite image is similar to a birds eye view of the village from the sky however with a satellite image you can move views and see some places in 3D.


You will need to use a program called Google Earth in order to do this. You can find the program if you search for Google Earth on Google. 

I would like you to use the zoom in and out features and explore the village.


Look for these places in the village;

Our school - buildings, car park, playgrounds, school fields and forest school.

The village church - St Mary Magdalene

The War Memorial on the village green

Can you see the roads, walkways and railway line?

The village hall

Can you find a house with a swimming pool?

Can you find a tennis court?

Umberslade Farm Park

If you live in the village or have any friends or family in the village can you find their house?


If you are unable to use the program I have posted some pictures taken from above Tanworth in Arden that you can look at.

Satellite images images of Tanworth in Arden