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Monday 18th May 2020


LO: Can I understand grammar terms?


I thought we’d use another of our Shrek stories to warm up your brains this morning!  Please follow the same process as before, complete the list of the different types of words then have a go at inserting them into the story on the Word document.  Remember, it doesn’t matter if the story sounds silly when you put your words in, it’s meant to sound funny!

Write a word that is:

  1. A noun
  2. A silly word (you can make a word up for this if you want!)
  3. A past tense verb (eg. clambered, ran)
  4. A type of building (eg. castle, skyscraper)
  5. A noun
  6. A verb (eg. sleep, jump)
  7. An adjective
  8. A part of the body
  9. A verb ending in –ing (eg. watching, swimming)
  10.  A silly noise (I’m sure you can think of something!)
  11.  A verb
  12.  An adjective
  13.  An exclamation (eg. Wow!)


LO: Can I plan a story in a different setting?


This week, we are going to use all we’ve practised over the last 5 weeks to help us to write a story set in the rainforest.  Today I would like you to plan that story.  Use the planning sheet to help you jot down ideas for your story.  It could be a story that teaches us about looking after the rainforest (a bit like the Great Kapok Tree) or a story involving a person or animal on an adventure in the rainforest where they come across a more dangerous animal.  You may have your own idea, that is fine, as long as it involves the rainforest!


For planning, remember you don’t have to write in full sentences and definitely don’t write the whole story in full!  Use the boxes to write one brief sentence for the plot (what happens) in each section and some language or speech ideas you want to include.  Pictures may also help for your planning if you prefer to work more visually.


It would be useful to include some setting description ideas (practised last week) in either the opening or build-up boxes and try to decide which part your conversation/speech will come into as well.  Keep it simple with not too many characters and make sure it is set in the rainforest!  If you didn’t watch the video last week or the Great Kapok Tree in week 2, it’s not too late - now would be a good time to watch them to help you get some ideas!


LO:  Can I interpret graphs?


Graphs are a really clear way of showing information when you have lots of it!  The information used in graphs is called data. 


Have a look at PPT which shows a variety of graphs (pictograms, bar charts etc.) and helps you revise how to interpret them.  As always, please try to answer the question before clicking on the next slide to check the answer.  There are also some slides which ask you to complete the graph.  If you are not able to print these pages, just make sure you are able to say (or point on the screen) to what each part of the graph would look like.


If you’d like some extra practice or have more time, I’ve included some more activities on the Word document.  If you are doing the second fluency question, use the information people have given on Friday's blog post about how they travel to school.  I have provided some squared paper to draw your bar chart on, or you could do it on the computer (Microsoft Excel is quite good for this). 


If you have time left over, have a look at the Real Statistics activity.



Continuing our learning about Pentecost, if you haven’t watched the video with the story of Pentecost (from Summer 1 week 1, Friday), please do so.  Pentecost is an important festival celebrated by the Christian Church, marking the beginnings of the Christian faith as it is known today. 


This website has some more information about how it is celebrated.


I have some exciting news about today’s RE activity, I have spoken to the vicar of Tanworth C of E church and he would like to include pictures of what you produce today in the online Pentecost service on May 31st!

I would like you to produce a poster about Pentecost.  Think about the symbols you might use, images which show parts of the story, the big ideas about the Holy Spirit or how Christians show the Holy Spirit through how they live their lives.  Watch the video and look back at the paintings from Week 3 to remind yourself of the story if needed.  I have also included a PPT with some images linked to Pentecost to help give you some ideas.  Please let me know if you are happy for your poster to be included in the Pentecost Church Service when you email it to me.