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As some of you may know from older siblings or from reading the newsletter, Yrs 2-6 have had online meetings with their teachers last week.  The idea was to start with the older children and to see how it went.  We will be having our own online meeting using Microsoft Teams (it can be downloaded free) on Friday!  An email will be sent to you with your log on details (it's the username you use to log onto the school computers followed by and the time the meeting is to take place.  I'm so excited to see and speak to you all, I hope you can be there!

Check out this week's Podcast assembly by clicking on the link below:

English: Washing your hands is so important and we had lots of discussions about it before school closed.  Can you tell people how they should wash their hands?  Design a poster with the instructions on.  What verbs will you need to use?


There are two documents below with instructions written for you that you can sequence, or you could use them to help you design your own hand washing instruction poster!


This is a longer task so please take your time with it, as it will continue into tomorrow.  Today, start by planning, as I've said above think of the verbs you will need to use.  If you give the instructions verbally to a sibling or parent will they be able to wash their hands properly?  (Parents you can be really silly here, if your child tells you to do something in the wrong order, do it! This will help them to realise where they went wrong and which order their instructions actually need to be in.)  You could video yourself instructing someone, or just record the audio, this can help when you are writing, as you can listen back to your instructions and it will remind you what to write.  

Maths: This is our final multiplication session and I thought it would be good to do some problem solving! Watch the video below, pause it when you need some thinking time and try to work out the answers!

How to use arrays to multiply | Maths - A World Without Maths

Suitable for ages 5 to 7. Multiplication Boy helps Mr Sharma buy pencils for the school, using arrays to multiply. Subscribe for more Maths clips from BBC Te...

There are three levels of problems, choose the one that is right for you.

Music:  Music is another great stress reliever.  Here are my top five songs to dance to or that I just feel are quite uplifting (don't judge me for my cheesy taste in music!).

Hall of Fame - The Script

Shut up and Dance with me - Walk the Moon

Roar - Katy Perry

Black Magic - Little Mix

Fight Song - Rachel Platten


Either listen to some of these songs and have a boogie or come up with your own top five songs that cheer you up!


You could have a go at the activity below if you want to!