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Friday 12th June 2020

Don't forget our Teams meeting at 11am this morning.  I have sent the invite to your welearn365 email.



The mathsframe sort shapes activity is great for thinking about properties of different shapes and covers triangles, quadrilaterals, right angles, symmetry.  Choose two different criteria for the Venn diagram then try to sort the shapes into the right places.


If you are not able to access the game, just draw two overlapping circles to make a Venn diagram, choose two criteria eg. “is a quadrilateral” and “has a line of symmetry” then put different shapes on to the diagram in the right place.  Remember if they fit both, they go in the overlapping section.


Please use today to practise times tables and mental maths.  I have included links for some of those websites below. 


Please make sure you do some reading today.  If you didn’t finish the correcting spelling activity last Friday, you could complete that.  I have also attached a wordsearch to help practise this week’s spelling words.


LO: Can I describe how life is seen as a journey?


Think about your usual journey to school.  What takes place when you first get up?  Do you have breakfast? Does something happen on the way to school to make you late sometimes?  How do you get to school?  What do you often see or hear?  Who keeps you safe on that journey?  Who can you ask for help if needed?


We can think about our lives as a journey.  We can show this as a growing tree.  Fill in ideas about your life on the tree on the Word document.


What are the roots?  Here you could write the names of or draw people who give you strength, keep you safe and inspire you.

Where are you on the trunk?  On the trunk, write or draw what you have already achieved in your life.

Where are you going in life?  Draw some leaves and, on them, write or draw your ambitions, hopes and dreams for later in your life.

Many people think of life as a journey because different things happen to us along the way.  We have good times and difficulties and we tend to learn things as we go along which help us in the future.  So you could say life is a journey.


Can you complete and think of some other similes or metaphors about life?


Life is an adventure because…..

Life is like a light bulb because……

Life is………………. because……..

Life is like a …………………… because……………..