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Times tables: 

In discussion with other class teachers and Mrs Bamford, from today I will be setting a couple of additional pieces of Maths work to complete alongside your daily Maths tasks each week.  You will have a couple/three days to complete the work so you can complete them as and when you want/have time and they will always be set from your Maths or Times table books.  This is because I know that some tasks take longer than others and on some days you may finish a task quicker than expected.  On those days you can have a go/make a start on these little activities.


This work is due in tomorrow: Friday 22nd January.  It does not have to be completed today but if you wish to do so then that's fine.


You will need your Times table book and I would like you to complete Spring term: Workout 1 on pages 26 and 27.  


I have uploaded a PDF version of the workout if you are unable to find your book.


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Meet me at 10 o'clock where we will be looking at multiplying and dividing by 6.


Chilli 1: You'll practise your multiplication facts for the 6 times table and use these to work out other multiplications!


Chilli 2: Look at the 5 and 6 times tables side by side (it's in the file!) what pattern do you notice?  Can you explain it for me?  Then looking at the pictures, write down the fact family to match each picture, can you create your own picture for a different fact family in the 6 times table?


Chilli 3: Look at the 5 and 6 times tables side by side (it's in the file!) what pattern do you notice?  Can you explain it for me? Solve a word problem and have a go at a problem solving activity.  You need to be able to prove your answer, this means show your workings out!!


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English: In this task you will explore the feelings and motivation of minor characters. 


Chilli 1: Can you write a conversation between the three Egyptian servants.  What would they say about Rhodopis?  Remember to use the correct punctuation - speech marks (hint, hint!)


Chilli 2: Write a short note as if you are one of the three sisters to Charaxos complaining about Rhodipis’ preferential treatment. Use the letter plan template to help you think about what to say in your note.


I have noticed in recent pieces of work that have been sent through that lots of you are forgetting your basics! Remember, every sentence NEEDS to start with a capital letter and should end with the correct punctuation.


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In Ancient Egypt, the River Nile was central to everything! Today we are going to be looking at the importance of the Nile in a little more detail by thinking about farming in Ancient Egypt.  Unlike us, Ancient Egypt had 3 seasons instead of 4!  I'd like you to create a seasons wheel.  In that wheel, I would like to know what the season is called, which months of the year they occurred in and what happened in those seasons and how it affected farming in Ancient Egypt!  As well as some beautiful pictures to go alongside the information! (Remember, I'm looking for great pieces of work to showcase what amazing children we have at Tanworth and how wonderful History is!)


Use the resources I've uploaded for you to help! You could also look in your Ancient Egyptians study book that you have collected from school!  Look at pages 4-5 and 28-29 to help you!


I have uploaded a pre - drawn calendar wheel for you in a pdf but you could draw your own, especially if you can't print!