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Thursday 4th June

Good morning munchkins,


Just a reminder about our Teams call at 10.45am today!

Looking forward to seeing your faces!


Miss C x


We're going to finish Escape from Pompeii today! Below is the rest of the story so you can see what happens to Tranio, Livia and the people of Pompeii!

Today, I'd like you to think about the whole story. This is going to be the story that we do all of our English work from for the next 7 weeks so you need to know it really well!


I'd like you to create a story map showing the main events in the WHOLE story "Escape from Pompeii" (don't forget the first part in Wednesday's folder!)

I have uploaded an example one below.

You can either draw your own version or print off this one if you'd rather not draw




you must add annotations (short sentences and words) to your story map to explain and summarise what happens in the story!


LO: Can I summarise a text using a story map?


I would love to see these when they're finished - add colour to them and make them beautiful then send them to me on the blog! 


Today is our last day on converting units of time.


What can you remember about...


minutes                 days                    year                seconds       hours                      weeks


Have a look at the tasks below:

Easier task LO: Can I convert units of time?

Trickier task LO: Can I solve problems involving time?


We're moving on from forces this half term and we're thinking about my favourite ever science topic to teach... Space!

I am so, so sad that I'm not teaching you this in person because it is so interesting and so much fun! I hope that you enjoy anyway!


We're beginning our unit by thinking about spherical bodies!

Look at the PowerPoint below for more information and your task...


LO: As a scientist, can I understand what shape the Earth is?