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Thursday 11th June



Over the next two days, I'd like you to write a diary entry as either Tranio or Livia explaining what their day was like on the day that Mount Vesuvius erupted. 

You can use the information from your work on Tuesday and Wednesday to help you and I've uploaded a WAGOLL below. 

Give yourself a few minutes to magpie any words and phrases that you like.

Remember, you've got two days so don't feel like you have to get it all done today.


LO: Can I write a diary entry?



Today, we're going to look at measuring angles. Normally, I would get you to use a real protractor if we were doing this lesson at school. However, because we're at home, I've put images of a protractor on the sheet. Use these to measure how big the angles are.


Look at the PPoint to see how you use protractors to measure angles.


LO: Can I measure angles?



Last week, we learnt that the Earth, Sun and Moon are spherical bodies (sphere shaped)

However, they are not the only spherical bodies in our solar system - there are also 8 planets.


Today, I'd like you to research these planets and create a poster (using the resources below) to show the order of the planets in terms of their distance from the Sun as well as interesting facts about them.


I've put a document below that has lots of helpful websites and videos to support your research.


LO: As a scientist, can I name the planets in the solar system?