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Friday 3rd April

'Living And Learning' from Out of the Ark Music @ Home

A helpful song to reassure us that even in the current turmoil, and the challenges that brings, the earth keeps turning, the sun keeps rising and the rhythms of life keep moving along.

Maths: Log in to My Maths and complete the comparing capacity activity.

If you fancy a challenge complete the activity below:

Another fun challenge is to see which member of your family can make a container that holds the most.  You are only allowed to use a single piece of A4 paper/card.


We have studied Ernest Shackleton in History this term because he was a significant individual.  Another significant individual from the past is William Shakespeare. Today (or over the Easter break!) I'd like you to research William Shakespeare.


  • The accompanying sheet will help you both to record your ideas. Avoid copying large chunks of words. Instead select what you think are the most important ideas. Usually there isn’t a right or wrong answer as long as you can say why you have made those choices.
  • Your child may want to retell the story of the person’s life. They could do that in a cartoon strip or is a series of drawings with captions.
  • You may want to compare 2 people (William Shakespeare and another writer such as Roald Dahl or J.K Rowling) and then decide who you both think is the most significant person and why.
  • You could choose to design a memorial (maybe a statue or a special painting) of them to help us to remember them.
  • You could both design a quiz to help you to remember all the amazing information you have discovered.

Here is some basic information to start you off and some links to help you!

William Shakespeare (1564-1616)

Poet and playwright believed to have written over 39 plays many of which are still performed today.  Can you find out where he comes from?  Is it close to Tanworth or far away?


Quizzes, clips and info on CBBC


The end result of your research does not need to be in written format, it can be a video of you presenting the information (like we've done in class when we've pretended to be Professor Know-it-all!) Or drawings ordered into a timeline.



Have you heard of the Artist Andy Warhol?  Or have you heard of a type of art called 'Pop Art'?  Look through the powerpoint below and find out a little bit about him and the type of art he is famous for.  Then look at the photographs of other children's own pop art work. 


Today you are going to create a piece of Shakespeare inspired Pop Art in the style of Andy Warhol. Use the template below and use felt tips, pencils, paint or chalks - whatever you have at home. Remember to make each image different! If you can't print the template then have a go at sketching a picture of Shakespeare and colour in vivid colours - just like Andy Warhol.

'The Bonkers Song' from Out of the Ark Music @ Home

Just for a bit of fun! A totally bonkers song that will challenge, entertain and delight. Grab your mum, dad, brothers and sisters and try singing all the different parts together!

Have a HAPPY EASTER and well done for working so hard! I have loved seeing your work that you have sent in, I am so proud of you all.  More learning activities will be set after the Easter Holidays but if you are looking for things to keep you busy take a look at the Keeping busy section or the Easter crafts section.