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Wednesday 10th June 2020


LO: Can I compare quadrilaterals?


We are doing some more on quadrilaterals today as this is very much a topic where using the shapes in different contexts and practising describing their properties helps us to remember them.


Using the quadrilaterals poster to refer to, can you complete this challenge?

Ext:  Can you find the perimeter of each shape? (Remember, perimeter is the distance around the edge of the shape, imagining an ant is walking around it!)


Now, look at the picture of these quadrilaterals.  Using your knowledge and the vocabulary to talk about their properties, can you group them into two groups and explain your grouping?  Can you find a different way of grouping them?

Next, try this nrich activity, investigating the different quadrilaterals you can make.  You can either use the interactive version or print the sheet to draw them on.


LO: Can I show the differences between the layers of the rainforest?


Today I’d like you to use what you have learnt about the layers of the rainforest to create a model or picture showing the four different layers.  Try to include trees and plants and maybe one or two animals or birds in each layer.  You could make a 3D model, paint a picture, or draw and colour with coloured pencils.  Here is an example although I’m sure you have your own ideas for how you’d like to do this!


LO: Can I present information orally?


Now, you will become a rainforest expert! 

Using your notes from yesterday and your picture/model from today, I’d like you to pretend to be David Attenborough and try to teach your parent/brother/sister about the rainforest!

Try not to write sentences down, just choose a note or keyword and try to say a sentence about it.  Then have a go at another one.  As a minimum, try to say 3 sentences about each layer of the rainforest.  One could be about what is it like in the layer (dark, light, hot etc.), one about the trees, one about the animals and one other fact. 

Experts are always fascinated and excited about their topic and use words like “Interestingly,…..”,  “Amazingly,……” or “Did you know……” to start their sentences.  See if you can too!  Have a look at the sentence starter sheet to get some ideas but, remember, you are just saying your sentences out loud today, you don’t need to write them down!