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English: Read the comprehension text about Viking long ships.  Answer the questions in the second document.  The second document also contains the answers so you can check your work, BUT only do this AFTER you have written your own answers!


Brain break


History:  Meet me at 10 am for our History lesson on the Danelaw. 

After the session watch these videos:

Answer the questions in the document attached about the Danelaw.


As a challenge after writing your answers down, you could write a diary entry as an Anglo Saxon being forced to live in the Danelaw.  How would you feel?  How would your life change?  Is there anything you could do about this?



Brain break


Maths: Watch the video called Measure perimeter. Work alongside the video and record your answers. Then complete the sheet in Teams, where you need to find the perimeter of the different shapes.  You will have had plenty of practice at this if you have worked alongside the video. You should be able to type straight onto the document.


Brain break


History: Meet me at 2:30 pm for our catch up session on the Danelaw.