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Today we are going to start writing the story of ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’.  I would like you to only write the first part of the story and stop when the littlest billy goat has crossed the bridge.  When you are writing I would like to make sure you are using capital letters, finger spaces, full stops, words that contain the ‘un’ prefix and words that contain the suffixes ‘er’ and ‘est’.

I’ve uploaded the part of the story map that I would like you to write today.

If you feel that writing a section of the story like this is too much for your child, I have uploaded some alternatives for you to do with them.

The first is sentence building, these will need to be printed (or copied out onto pieces of paper) cut up and mixed up so your child can put them into the correct order.  Get them to think about what words should come first and how they can tell eg, a capital letter at the start of the sentence, and which section comes at the end, how they can tell, eg, there’s a full stop/question mark/exclamation mark at the end of a sentence.  Do a couple and get them to write a sentence of their own about the story.

The second option is writing a sentence under the pictures on the sheet.  Make sure their sentence matches the picture. 

These two alternative options should also only cover the first part of the story.


Please choose which writing activity you feel is most appropriate for your child, or they can write the story in their books...

Maths: Watch the video, join in where you can then if you fancy doing some more Maths there are some activities for you to choose from below:

3. Build the concept of units of 10 and count in tens

Can you make a hands and feet pattern?

Draw around your hands and feet a number of times outside with some chalk or on pieces of paper.  It needs to look something like this:

Now walk along the pattern, touch the hands and count up in tens, jump on the feet and count up in tens.  Repeat that until you get to the end of your pattern that you have created.

Can you start from a different tens number?





Science: Please watch the video below where I take you through a set of mini Science experiments all to do with our five senses!  Please do not feel that these need to be done in one go, take your time with them, spread them over a few days even if you want!


Still image for this video