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PSHE and Mental Health Challenge:

Today our mental health challenge is also our PSHE!  I have set up individual assignments for you all on Teams, you will be given one classmate to write a nice message about.  Think about the things that make them unique and why they are a great person!  When you have thought through your ideas I'd like you to type it onto the padlet linked in the assignment and below.  I have written an example for you!  You will need to write the person's name at the top of the box before you start typing otherwise we won't know who you are writing about! Remember, I have to approve the posts before they appear so they might not pop up straight away. Please can you make sure that this is completed by 2 o'clock as we will be looking at them in our afternoon teams meeting!


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Maths: Join me at 10 o'clock for our Maths lesson. We will still be looking at short multiplication and writing it correctly, there will be more of a focus on exchanging today.  Again there will be one main task today with an extension task if you fancy it!  The main task will be to complete the calculations using the taught written method, the extension is to spot the mistakes in the multiplications and to correct it!


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English: Today I'd like you to name the main features of a newspaper report!  Watch the video on the link and work alongside:


If you want you can then have a go at matching the features to their descriptions in this game.