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Foundation subject activities


Can I use classification keys?


Please recap using classification keys from week 8 (Friday) if needed.


The sheets contain living things from the rainforest.  Can you use the classification key to sort them?  Some of the sheets require you to add your own questions in (choose sheet 2 or 3 if you want this challenge). 


If you wanted, you could create your own classification key using living things from the rainforest.



Please watch the video which contains a story called Same Difference.  What is the story about?  What is its message?


Use the PPT to explore diversity (people being different to each other).  Then either create an acrostic poem for the word diversity (a word or phrase for each letter) or a poster about diversity and why it’s good to value the fact that everyone is different and special in their own way.


Can I find out how Jewish people mark becoming an adult?


As part of their life journey, Jewish people have a ceremony to celebrate becoming an adult.  For boys, it is called a Bar Mitzvah and for girls, Bat Mitzvah.

Please watch the video to find out about MeMe’s Bat Mitzvah, what the ceremony involves and how she feels about it.  Then I would like you to make a card for MeMe, congratulating her on her Bat Mitzvah, with a message that comments on some of the features of the ceremony.


If you would like more information on the Bat Mitzvah ceremony, you can look at this website.  Click the link, then skip intro, select “what we do”, then “time”, then “life cycles” then you can click on Bar and Bat Mitzvah.