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Monday 29th June


This week, we're looking at the spelling pattern "ere"

Have a look at the PowerPoint intro to familiarise yourself with your spelling words.


Then, I'd like you to practise your spelling words using one of the techniques below:

- rainbow writing 

- pyramids

- squiggle spellings

- look, cover, write, check

- silly sentences

- make a poster


After this, I'd like you to try some of the activities below - a task, handwriting, word search or look, cover, write, check. You can do one of them or all of them and you can print them out or do them straight into your book. It's your choice!


LO: Can I spell words using the pattern "ere"?


Our very last maths topic is "Shape and Space"


Today, we're thinking about different types of quadrilateral. 

Have a look at the PowerPoint intro to find out about different quadrilaterals and their properties. 


Then complete the task below:


LO: Can I recognise different types of quadrilaterals?




Now that we've learnt so much about volcanoes and how dangerous they can be, you might be wondering why on Earth people choose to live close to them. This is what we're going to think about today! 


Have a look at the PowerPoint below to discover the benefits of living near to a volcano.

I'd then like you to write up what you learn. You might like to use the photographs and pictures that I've uploaded below. You could cut and stick each one into your book and then write a short paragraph explaining what the picture represents and why this is a benefit of living close to volcanoes. If you'd prefer, you could draw your pictures and colour them in. Remember to use organisational devices such as subtitles to help you to set your work out neatly.


LO: As a geographer, can I understand the benefits of living near to a volcano?