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Tuesday 28th April


Today we are going to look at 3D shapes. Take a look at the word mat below you should recognise most of the shapes. Take a look at the two pyramids one has a square face on the bottom and one has a triangle base at the bottom. 

When we describe 3D shapes we use the words;

vertices - like the corners where edges meet

edges - we do not use the word side - this is a 2D shape word

face - is a 2d shape that makes up a surface of a 3D shape

surface - any one of the faces - they can flat or curved


Today you are going to make sure you can identify and name common 3D shapes. Can you complete the activities below? If you can not print the worksheets or fancy a different task complete a shape hunt around your home like we did for 2D shapes but this time what 3D shapes you can find?  If you would like to do both, then of course you can do that as well!


Did you enjoy the story yesterday? What was your favourite part?


My favourite part is when the wolf burps out Grandma after drinking all the ginger beer. I also like the ending when Little Red makes a deal with the Wolf. If the Wolf will stop eating people, Little Red will make a delivery of ginger beer to the Wolf!   Did you notice how it was like the traditional story of Little Red Riding Hood with a few changes and a twist at the end? We call this a twisted tale!


Today we are going to look at the language choices the author, Lynn Roberts chose in the story. Authors choose words very carefully when writing stories which is why we spend time looking at adjectives and powerful vocabulary at school when we do our writing.  The right choice can make people really picture what you are telling them, they become part of the story.


TASK = Today I would like you to go back and read the story again and make a list of the words that you think the author has chosen carefully. Perhaps they are adjectives that really help you picture a character or a setting. They might be verbs like Belch - why did the author use the word belch instead of burp? You might even find a phrase that you like, far, far away, far and wide, charged off, in a time not too long ago.  

Try to see if you can find 15 word/phrases that you think really add to the story telling and that they author has chosen carefully.

Topic/Theme - P.S.H.E - M i n d f u l n e s s

Have you been making sure you have been exercising while you have been at home? Have you taken part in the P.E challenge from Mr Nicholls? Today we are going to exercise and take care of a part of our body that sometimes we might forget, our...


Keeping our mind happy and healthy is just as important as keeping our bodies fit. After all it is our brain and mind that helps us with our work, relationships and enjoyment of life.

Why not try and include your whole family in the activities today. I am going to join in this afternoon too. Below is four mindfulness cards. You can choose which one you think will help you to relax, feel positive and take some time because I know how busy you have all been working hard at home.  You might like to try them all at different times in the day. Why not send me an email (with adult help) to tell me which one you chose and how it made you feel.


Mindfulness activity cards