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Wednesday 3rd June 2020


Today in our weekly recap we are going to look at division.

We can use our multiplication tables to help us with division because they are the opposite of each other.  We can also count up in steps to help us and draw pictures to help us to share. All of these methods will help us to divide.



All of these different methods give us the same answer. The first sharing method works well but can you imagine having to share 55 between 5 it would take ages! This is when that method becomes less efficient so it's important to practise the 2nd and 3rd method too.  

If you are feeling confident today try the challenge activity too. You will need to think about your division and multiplication for this tricky task.



What did you spot in the picture yesterday? I wonder what you thought the title of that story might be!  Well today you are going to find out. The little tiger cub at the front of the picture is very important in this story.


If you have read the information very carefully from this picture of the front cover, right at the top it tells you that this story is a folk tale from India. Do you see how this book will fit in with out new topic of Incredible India? A folk tale is a story that has been told again and again over many generations and is similar to traditional story or fairy tale. Watch the video below to hear the story.

Tiger Child By Joanna Troughton

A short film of 'The Tiger Child'. This book is published by Puffin Books. The folk tale comes from India.


Today I would like you to make a journey map of the Tiger Child's route to the village.  We have made story and journey maps before.  But if you can't remember there are some examples of maps below.


Your journey map should include the jungle where the cub lived and all the distractions that made him forget on the way before finally arriving at the village. You might want to watch the story again to find the 3 places or animals that distracted him.  Think about the pictures you have seen how can you show the setting of the story on your journey map. You might add words, phrases or sentences on your journey map to show what is happening at that point. 


Examples of Journey Map



How did you get on yesterday with your map of India?  Hywel had something very useful in his house, we have spotted it before in our teams meeting! He was able to find India really easily. Jonah also sent in his very neat map work!




Today I would like you to complete some map challenges. If you don't have a map, atlas or globe in your home you will need to use the internet but make sure you get some help! You can also use the map below.


India Atlas Challenge Cards