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Thursday 11/06/20



You should now have lots of notes on tri-golf. You now need to sort this information into headings that you will use in your explanation text.


LO: Can I box-plan an explanation text?


Please use the box-plan to help you plan and organise your explanation text.



Today's investigation involves you adding numbers to a specified amount inside a square. The numbers can only be use once so there is only one way or arranging the numbers so that they add up to the right amount.


Good luck! Have fun :)

Leavers' Books


We will be making Leavers' Books, which will be a trip down memory lane of your time spent at Tanworth, that you can keep to look back on in years to come.

You will be using scrapbooks to construct these.

Mrs Bamford has kindly offered to deliver the scrapbooks, titles, first year 6 portrait and coloured paper to you at home.

You will be writing notes to one another to include in your Leavers' Books. If you could please write a short note to each child in your class. Please ensure the note says who it is to and from:

i.e. Sue, I will always remember your amazing vocabulary! Good luck next year- keep in touch.


You could type these on a word document or write them on paper and take a picture to scan/ email into school and we can then print them off for the children in school. We will also get the children in school to do the same and we shall scan/ email the notes over to you so you can add them into your book.


1. Design front cover: Must include Tanworth in Arden (The year you started-2020) and your name.


2. Inside cover- stick first year 6 portrait (half photo half drawing)


3. First page- stick your autobiography


4. Look at the titles for the different pages in your Leavers' Book and decide what order you'd like them in. Messages from friends normally come at the end- but it is your choice.


5. Please write a short note to each of your classmates and when you have completed them, please email to school so we can print them for your friends. 


** Please note, this will be an ongoing project that you can keep adding to.