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Thursday 9th July

Today's Task

We're going to do some more transition work today.

I'd like you to complete the booklet below for Miss Wilding. I know that she's taught most of you before but that was a long time ago and you've all grown and changed since then! 

You can email me across the booklets and I'll pass them on to Miss Wilding or you can bring them in next week. If you'd prefer, you could create your own booklet about yourself rather than use the template below or you could write Miss Wilding a letter to help her get to know you. You are all special and amazing and I know that she can't wait to read about you and welcome you into Year 6!


Just for Fun!

Your fun task today is a bit of a mix of maths and art! Can you look at the tutorials and examples below and draw some Celtic knots and curves using only straight lines? I actually learnt how to do both of these things when I was your age and I loved them so fingers crossed you will too!

Guided Reading

Today we listen to the final chapter of our class text! I hope that you've enjoyed it - I know that I've enjoyed reading it to you! It's time to sit back and relax and find out what happens to Ashley in the final part of his adventure...

Chapter 12.mp3