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Tuesday 09/06/20


Today's lesson is to look at the features of explanation texts.


LO: Can I discuss the features of explanation texts?


1. Read through example and look at what makes it an explanation text


2. Look at features below and see if you can find them all 7 of them in the example explanation text- if you can't add in what you could not find.


Please find the formulas for the different equations: look at example to explain the process.

There are three sets of numbers each set applies to the same formula, going down in columns. What do you do to the top number to make the middle number and what do you do to the middle number to make the bottom number. It will be a 2 part process.

PSHE- Friendship

Just because we cannot always hug our friends, or play the same games we always used to, it does not mean that we are not friends, just that we have to enjoy other ways of playing until the social distancing stops. Even when we cannot actually see each other or talk to each other, friends are still there and will be the same people that you like to have fun with and care for. 


1. List why friends are so important


2. Discuss what makes a good friend.


3. Look at the example Haiku poems, they are 6 separate poems. A Haiku Poem is a traditional Japanese art form which consists of three lines. The first and last line of the Haiku poem has five syllables and the middle line has seven syllables. It isn’t a traditional rhyming poem so the lines in a Haiku poem don’t need to rhyme.


4. Write your a Haiku poem about friendship