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Thursday 21st May

Don't forget teams class meeting tomorrow from 12.00pm onwards. You can see your group and time slot by looking at tomorrow's or Wednesday's page. Looking forward to seeing you!


Thank you so much to all the children who sent me a message, video or photograph for Thank a Teacher Day I had lots of happy tears yesterday and feel very appreciated so thank you very much! smiley smiley


Today we are going to pick up from the Andy Goldsworthy art activity earlier in the week where you were rotating a shape and creating a pattern. The information below might help you today.


Today you are going to describe the movement/turn of objects and create patterns.

Take a look at the activities below. There is also a turning turtles dice game you might want to play too.


To start today we have a poetry recital from Honeybelle! I also had a lovely video from Joshua who had invented some actions and movements to accompany the poem. Well done to both of you.

IMG_3571 (2).MOV

Still image for this video

Olivia and Paige have also completed some lovely illustrations this week to match our poem.

Today I'd like you to have a go at writing your own rhyming poem. You can choose to write a 3 verse poem with three new animals or if you fancy a challenge or have lots of ideas you can write a 5 verse poem.


Yesterday you chose 3 or 5 new animals to use in your poem.  If we look carefully at the first two verses of the poem we can pick out the features that need to be included.


Also something else to think about is the rhythm of the poem and rhyme. If your lines are too long you will loose this and it will not sound quite right. Sometimes you can change the the pace of the line (how fast you say it) to make it fit. You might have to play around with your ideas to get it just right!  Good Luck.


This is your English task for today and tomorrow. You might do your first draft today and then copy it up in best tomorrow with some added illustrations.


We have already had some lovely verses from Zach below. Well done Zach, super poetry writing.smiley yes



Topic/Theme - Science

Today we are going to look back at our knowledge organiser above as we have one more area to cover. 

Food Chains 

Below are two video's that will help you to begin to understand what a food chain is. The first video is a short video, after watching the video school down the page and there is a short 5 question quiz to take. The second video is a little longer and will give you some more examples. 


Fabulous Food Chains: Crash Course Kids #7.1

Have a look at this diagram of a food chain. The arrow on the diagram shows the flow of energy between the animals and plants.You can also think of the arrows showing eaten by!  When something eats something else it gets energy from it. We all need energy to live!


This food chain shows the grass is eaten by the grasshopper which is eaten by the shrew which is then eaten by the owl. This is just one food chain in a habitat but there will be many food chains happening. Other animals will eat grass and other animals will eat grasshoppers. The picture below shows different links between different food chains.


Use the worksheet below to cut out and stick the animals to correct the food chain. If you can't print, look at the sheet and draw them in the correct order. There is an extra challenge if you would like an extra task.