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Operation reuse and recycle

As part of our learning on deforestation and plastic pollution of rivers, we looked at plastic bags and the negative impact that single-use plastic has on our environment. For our DT textiles project, we decided that we wanted to make reusable bags to do our part in the fight against pollution.

Cool collage


In art, we've been studying collage. We learnt about different collage techniques and artists that use collage such as Henri Matisse. We then applied our learning to create an original collage inspired by rainforest flowers.

Check out our masterpieces below!


Remembrance Week

For remembrance week, we were lucky enough to watch a production of the novel ‘The Last Post.’

We then did some work around this play during our guided reading lessons. In addition to this, we researched the significance of the poppy and found out about the meaning behind the different colours available. Finally, we wrote poems and prayers for the remembrance service on The Green and even experimented with blackout poems to reflect on the contribution of those who gave their lives for a peaceful future.

Making masterpieces

In art, we’ve been studying sketching with a link to animals and our science learning on living things and their habitats. We’ve studied the artists Sean Briggs, Henry Moore and Albrecht Durer and experimented with their techniques for sketching and shading. We then emulated their style and tried to replicate one of their pieces. Finally, we applied our learning to create an original piece of art and created our own sketches of rainforest animals.

Living things and their habitats

Our science learning has been about classifying vertebrates, invertebrates, micro-organisms and plants this half term! We’ve learnt how to use dichotomous keys to sort and identify animals and even went on a plant hunt around the school grounds to see if we could identify the different types of flowering and non-flowering plants!

Our Amaz(on)ing Work!

We’ve been busy during our theme lessons learning about the formation of rivers and researching the River Amazon and learning about the formation of waterfalls before researching the famous Iguazu Falls! Take a look at our beautiful presentation and the wonderful things we’ve learnt!

Protect the Amazon Rainforest!

In English, we’ve been researching the Amazon Rainforest and all of the amazing things that it does for the World. We were shocked to then find out that despite this, the Amazon is in danger from deforestation. As we were so passionate about the protection of the rainforest, we created leaflets to make people aware of what is happening and help spread the word that the rainforest needs help! Take a look at the research phase and then the beautiful work it prompted below.

Meet the Teacher

If you were unable to make the ‘Meet the Teacher’ meetings last night, the information covered can be found below. If you have any questions, please get in touch. Miss Cutler 😊


A sparkly start to the Autumn term!

The children were given a series of clues – carnival-style music, tropical leaves, photographs of landscapes, sequins and feathers! From this, they were able to tell that the topic was linked to Brazil! We then watched the film ‘Rio’ and made carnival masks so that we could join in with the Brazilian ‘carnaval’ celebration at the end!