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Tuesday 2nd June

Happy Tuesday!

Please see your tasks for the day explained below- if there is a Powerpoint, I will have explained what you have to do on there.

If you need any help please contact me on the class blog- I am back in school now so I won't be able to check it as much but I will be checking it throughout the day smiley


You will be writing your own autobiography about your life so far. eventually, for your final piece, you may like to type it, cut and stick paragraphs on coloured paper (in chronological order) or just write it as paragraphs.


Today's Task:

1. Discuss what events you could talk about in your autobiography. Where born, family, starting school, amazing holidays/trips/ events etc, Lockdown! 


2. Choose a minimum of 5 events that you will talk about in your autobiography and bullet point ideas of what you will include in that paragraph.

For example:


  • Mum Julie a nurse, dad Simon, a builder
  • Sister born 2000
  • Close relationship to grandparents stay for 2 weeks each summer



Today I would like to complete an AMRAP (as many reps as possible) exercise for 12 minutes.


You will need:


*Sports wear

*water bottle

*Some space/ grass preferable (shaded area)

*Stop watch

*Pen and paper to tally your rounds


**Don't forget to warm up first. Warm up must consist of stretching your muscles and raising your heart rate.


Your movements are:

10x air squats (send those hips back first and heals stay glued to the ground)


10x shoulder taps (plan position on hands and feet- keep yourself steady and tap your opposite shoulder with your hand left hand taps right shoulder)


10x tuck jumps (jump and bring both knees together up to your chest)


10x burpees (chest and thighs touch the floor, hands to the side of your shoulders; wide feet make it easier, arch back slightly and pop your hips to spring feet as close to your hands as possible, like a frog jump, to jump up and clap).


When you're ready start your timer and off you go- in that order complete your AMRAP of 12 minutes. Have fun!


**Each round is 40 reps. 


**Use paper/ white board to record your rounds and reps. You may get 5 rounds plus 12 reps (10 squats and 2 shoulder taps) so your total reps for your AMRAP would be 212. 


Let us know how you did on the blog smiley