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Monday 22/06/20

Class Text


Please read to Chapter 8.


LO: Can I write an information text?

Please read through the PowerPoint, which is all about golf. You can also do your own research so that you really do know your stuff when it comes to golf! We need to create a leaflet that can be handed out to children who wish to start the golf club, when our course if up and running.

You have today and tomorrow to work on this.

When complete, please email to me.


Help solve the patio pathways dilemma using ratio and proportion. 


Please spend a minimum of 30 mins doing something active. It is a warm day so if you're outside please stay in the shade, protect your skin and keep hydrated.

Residential Challenges:


Please get permission from an adult before completing these challenges.


1. Night time nature walk (with an adult)


2. Get Muddy!