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Tuesday 7th July

Today's Task

After a Summer-themed maths booklet yesterday, I thought it was only fair that you have a Summer-themed English activity book today! It gives you the opportunity to practise your grammar and reading skills in a variety of fun ways. Again, you can do all of it if you like or just dip in and do what takes your fancy. Enjoy!

Just for fun!

After all of that English, I thought I'd give you some numbers to work with in your fun activity today! I've uploaded some sudokus for you to try. There are some basic ones and some more advanced ones so you can take your pick! For those of you that haven't done them before, sudokus are puzzles that are both fun and maddening! You need to make sure that each line horizontally, vertically and diagonally has all of the numbers in once. Give it a whirl and see how you get on!

Guided Reading

We're carrying on with Chapter 10 of our class text today. This one is broken down into two different ones that follow on from each other. Feel free to just listen or draw what you visualise or jot down words that you like.

Chapter 10 A.mp3

Chapter 10 B.mp3