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Friday 5th June 2020



LO: Can I check for accuracy in spellings?


Today’s activities involve spotting and correcting spelling mistakes.  Please just complete as much as you have time for.  This is the sort of activity that you can come back to if you have spare time another day.  The first page involves words from Year 3 and 4 spelling patterns (don’t forget you can use a dictionary to help!) and the second involves words from the Year 3/4 statutory spelling list.  I have provided a copy of this list for you to use to help as needed. 



LO: Can I identify types of triangle?


Please work through the mymaths lesson called Properties of Triangles.  This is in the Geometry section (see picture).  I have then set you the homework task to do. 


There is also a detective game on the PPT below that you can play if you have time, using the clues/facts about their properties to identify the types of triangle.  Can you then make up your own detective story for identifying a triangle?


As the weeks have gone on, I have learned that I am lucky enough to be providing learning for a super class full of children who are wonderful in many ways!  Sometimes, we are not very good at recognising what is great about ourselves or we think that it is boasting but it is important to value yourself and recognise the good things that you do.  Have a go at completing the “I am amazing!” sheet.  You might find it helpful to talk it through with your family as sometimes other people can help us to better see the great things about us!