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Monday 6th July

Today's task

I've put together a Summer-themed maths activity book for your task today. It will let you practise a lot of the maths we've done in Year 5 in some fun ways! There are code breakers, quizzes, colour by numbers, reflections, co-ordinate pictures, riddles and much more! You can do all of it or just some of the bits that take your fancy! Enjoy!

Just for fun

After all that maths, I thought you might like something wordy so I've got some wordsearches for you to have a go at as well as a design your own wordsearch template. You might like to create a wordsearch for someone at home about our topic or lockdown or our year in Year 5. It's your choice! 

Guided Reading

I've recorded chapter 9 of our class text for you to listen to today. I wanted us to finish the book this week so you've got a chapter to listen to for the next four days!

There is no work for guided reading this week but you might like to do what Ava did last week and draw a picture of what you visualise while you listen. You might like to create a mind map of effective vocabulary that you hear. You might like to make a prediction about what happens next or you might like to just listen and enjoy... 

Chapter 9.mp3