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Your mental health challenge for today is to complete some mindfulness doodling!  Watch the video below and then have a go yourself! smiley


Drawing to Music Activity and 6 Mindful Doodling Exercises for Beginners

This Drawing to Music Activity is a fun way to learn 6 mindful doodling exercises for beginners

English: Today you will be thinking about proof reading your work.  This is a skill that is first taught in Year 4 and you have done some in school with me.  (Remember where we get pieces of paper and create flaps to show and rewrite sections of our work?) But before we rewrite a section we need to think about what needs changing!  Click on the link and follow the activities through.  You need to watch the video in Section 1, improve the the 'Scintillating sentences' in Section 2 using the CUPS strategy (see the picture below), then in Section 3 there are 3 challenges for you to work on!  You do not need to do Section 4!

Maths: Join me at 10 o'clock for our Maths lesson.  We will still be looking at factor pairs today and making our own factor bugs. 


I will be recording the session and uploading in Teams like always but if you want you can also watch the video below to help explain the task.


Geography: Click on the link below and work alongside the video. You will be finding out all about biomes and what they are!



Don't forget that you can also:

- complete a spelling activity

- complete the above activities from your homework books

- do some personal reading and then quiz

- listen to the weekly music 

complete the daily PE activity and log your activities for the Get Set to Tokyo challenge!