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Good morning everyone, I hope you had a lovely weekend and a nice break from the remote learning. I'm in school again this week and teaching the Yr 3/4 keyworker bubble alongside the live lessons with you.  So, I may be unable to message back as quickly if you're having any issues. I have tried to make this week's resources as user friendly as possible and thought of all the things that have gone wrong last week in order to account for the different situations at home. Check below for an outline of your timetable for the day and just because they're not listed doesn't mean you don't have to read (remember I've put up the first 2 chapters from our Guided Reading text on Teams in the files section of the English channel!) or practise spellings or times tables.


See you at 10 o'clock for our Maths lesson!

Mrs H


English: For our English text this half term we are going to be using the story The Egyptian Cinderella.  How do you think the original version of the story would differ from an Egyptian version? Listen to the audiobook version of Cinderella in the link attached to the assignment.  I'd like you to use your knowledge of Ancient Egypt and their Gods (I know you did a lot of work on this in lockdown last year!). How would some elements change, for example, the fairy godmother could become a goddess or mythical creature, or the glass slipper might be a Pharoah's headress.  I've uploaded a PDF version that can be printed IF you want but I've also uploaded a word document with a table already made that you can type into, or you could draw the table in your book and upload a photo.


Brain break


Maths: Meet me at 10 am for our Maths lesson where I will be explaining how to find the perimeter of rectilinear shapes.  (Parents please don't worry about that word, I will be explaining it to the children!)


Brain Break



Today we will be thinking about 'The Golden Rule'.   The Golden Rule is message of peace and love towards others is at the heart of all of the major world religions. This is called The Golden Rule. It is the principle that you should treat others as you would like to be treated yourself, and it is found in one form or another in every major religion. Click on the link and watch the video on youtube.  Then open the powerpoint I have uploaded, if you open it and click edit document you should be able to add notes under each slide.  Use this space to answer the questions on each slide. I have uploaded a video of my screen where I explain how to do this if you are unsure and want to complete your work this way.