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Monday 08/06/20


If you haven't done so already, please write up your final piece for you Autobiography. These will be stuck into your 'Leavers' Books,' for you to look back on in years to come. An email will be sent to your parents today regarding Leavers' Books.


Don't forget to include the key features of autobiographies:


•To give an account of your own life


•An introduction or opening statement that introduces the person and set the scene.

•Significant events are ordered chronologically

•Closing statements where the writer reflects on some events.

Language Features:

•Refers to named individuals

•Contains dates linked to specific events

•Written in the past tense

•Should include feelings

•Written in 1stperson

•Includes time connectives to link ideas

•Events are anecdotal in style (rather than lists of facts), and engage the reader 



Finding all the possibilities. 


This takes time and works best if you work strategically. It takes a lot of patience and involves you trying a number of different ways until you find the solution.

Please download the sheet below to find out what your challenges are for today. 

** Remember your mission is to find ALL the different possibilities.


Good Luck!



Please complete an hour of physical exercise. This could be anything that increased your heart rate, such as: walking, cycling (accompanied with an adult), practising tennis, practising netball/ basketball/ football, jogging, or running.

You could even create your own AMRAP like last week. If you do, send us your AMRAP and we will have a go at it at school and let you know how we got on.