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Writing at Tanworth in Arden


At Tanworth-in-Arden we believe that the best writing comes from children that are engaged, excited and interested in their class topics and themes.  All writing at Tanworth is for a purpose and linked with high quality engaging texts.  Below are the curriculum expectations for each year group.  Teachers are skilled in meeting these expectations in an engaging and meaningful way.

Writing Criteria:


Each year group has a different set of criteria that the children should be able to do by the end of the year to meet their age expectation. The children have to show that they can include certain punctuation, layout techniques, spellings and grammatical features into their writing. 

Teachers plan the writing so that the build up to a final piece includes lessons on certain grammar or punctuation, that can then  be included in that style of writing.


See below the writing objectives for each year group:

National Curriculum expectations for GPS:

GPS Homework


Children in years 3 to 6 will receive weekly GPS homework. The homework is linked to what the children have already learnt in school that week, therefore deepening and embedding their learning further by carrying out a similar task on the same aspect at home.

If there is something that your child does not understand, please let their class teacher know so that they can go over it with them.


A Glossary of grammar terms can be found by clicking below.






Our wonderful writing Autumn term: R-Year 6: