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Thursday 14th January 2021

What's happening today?


  • 9.20 - 9.40 Meet me online at 9.20 to discuss our English task for today! We are going back to our English text, The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch with a focus on questions!
  • English Activity, following on from our live session - see below
  • Brain Break - Make sure you take time to wiggle!
  • Maths - see below
  • Theme -Geography - see below
  • 2.00 - 2.15 Meet me online this afternoon to share your questions for Mrs Grinling.



Today I would like you to think of 5 or more questions you would like to ask the character of Mrs Grinling from the story, The Lighthouse Keeper's lunch.  You might like to ask her about the plan her and her husband thought of, her favourite sandwich, what its like to live by the sea, the jobs a lighthouse keeper does or anything you think would tell us more about her.


Below is a question hand with some useful words that can start questions!



You can also start questions with words like


e.g. Have you always lived by the sea?


e.g. Do you know what Mr Grinlings favourite sandwich is?

Did you know that the seagulls would try and take the lunch?


Which is your favourite pudding to bake?


Take a break and do some exercise - Just Dance Kids The Freeze Game

Jump up on your feet and follow these fun dance moves!



Today I would like you to dive into your Year 2 Busy Maths Pack that many of you collected from school.  In there you will find some activities based on your learning of money you can do as many of them as you wish. If you have been unable to collect your pack,  I have scanned the relevant activities as a PDF (please see below) and as an image.




Theme - Geography


Well done for all your Island hunting yesterday. Lots of you completed the challenge activity too and found more islands of the United Kingdom and islands from across the world. We learnt yesterday that islands are areas of land that are completely surrounded by water and remember they can be large or small.  Today I would like you to find out about some of the world's larger areas of land called continents.


Continents are large areas of land and can contain many different countries.

Read the powerpoint below to find out more.


Today your mission is to find the name of the world's continents. The song below might help you!  There is also a map which you can use to label.



Seven Continents Song (Oceania Version)

A song to help learn the 7 continents in order from largest to smallest.

Continents Powerpoint and world map to label