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Summer 2 Week 3 15.06.20

Monday 15th June 2020

Teams Meeting today, HOORAY

Don't forget your pen and paper!


Today as we have our teams meeting  I have set you some activities on your MyMaths account. They are activities which are going to refresh your brain from your Year 1 learning and introduce our next topic of measuring length and comparing length.



This week in English we are going to be learning about riddles!


riddle is a type of poem that works like a puzzle.  There is often a series of clues to help you solve the riddle. They can rhyme but don't have to, they can also play around with word spellings and meanings.  They can sometimes be jokes too!  Watch the short video below to find out more!  Then read the riddles below and try to work out the answers there are eight to work out.


You will need to split your page into eight boxes and draw the answer to each riddle!


Today we are going to find out about some animals that like to live in hot places like India. Some of these animals will live in the jungles of India and some will live in parts of Africa and South America. One thing they all have in common is that they like to live in warm places. I have given you some dominoes for you to cut out and use. You could have a quick game and them paste them altogether to show how they link up. Remember what I always say in class at this point - don't stick anything down until you are sure you have completed the loop! smiley Your dominoes should all fit together to form a large oval!  Good Luck, I wonder what animal facts you will find out.