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Friday 19th June 2020


Use this text to practise your handwriting today, please.


On 12th June 1942, Anne Frank received a diary as a present for her thirteenth birthday.  A Jewish girl, she was in hiding in the Netherlands with her family during the Second World War and used this diary to record the events and her feelings about the situation.  After the war, which she unfortunately did not survive, her diary was published and became one of the world's best known books.  Several plays and films have also been made, based on her life.


Please also find some time to do some reading today.


Can I use a classification key?


Last week, you found out about the different groups of animals and what characteristics they have.  This week, you are going to think more about characteristics of individual animals or plants and use something called a classification key to sort them.


Please have a look at the PPT which shows you how to use a classification key.


Next, use the sheet Animal Flow Chart 1, following the classification key to identify which animal goes in each box at the end of the key.


Finally, try the sheet Animal Flow Chart 2 where you have to think of questions to complete the classification key to help sort between the different living things.  Look carefully at them and try to identify a characteristic that one has that the other doesn’t.



Please use today’s time to practise times tables or complete a page of your homework book.  You can use the websites from last Friday to practise times tables.  If you would like a different activity to do with times tables, this Nrich investigation (use Level 1) is a good puzzle which requires you to know your tables.