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How to help at home:

The following document contains games and practise methods that the children are familiar with from our Scode lessons. They can explain to you, how they use them to help learn and embed their spellings. Please use them to help the children practise those spellings, especially the ones we are finding tricky (see weekly homework page for any occurences).

Have fun and enjoy! 

Summer 2


Focus sound: k coded c / k / ck / ch / que


Curriculum words: continue, caught, calendar, particular, complete, increase, consider, circle, describe, peculiar, difficult



Summer 1


Focus sound: plurals (6 lessons) and /sh/ coded: ch ti si ssi ci


Curriculum words: islands, potatoes, woman, mention, possession, special, occasionally, question, minutes, fruit


Superb suffixes: -cian -sion -tion

Spring 2


Focus sound: /u/ coded: u, o, ou


Curriculum words: woman, purpose, enough, though, although, thought, through.


Superb suffixes: -ous (including recap of -ed, -er, -ing and -est)

Spring 1


Focus sound: /l/ coded: l, ll


Curriculum words: length, learn, library, believe, island, particular, popular, regular, calendar.


Focus sound: /ar/ coded: ar, a, al


Curriculum words: heart, guard, separate, regular, peculiar, particular, grammar, popular, forward, calendar, February, library, ordinary, various, actual, answer, natural, imagine, material, favourite, famous, occasion, potato, strange.


Superb suffixes: ly

Autumn 2 - g sound and ai sound


Focus sound: /g/ coded g, gu, gue, gh


Curriculum words: grammar, group, guide, guard


Hip Homophones: grown/grown



Focus sound: /ai/ coded a_e, a, ai, ay, ey, eigh, ei


Curriculum words: separate, favourite, famous, occasion, strange, potatoes, weight, eight, eighth, reign, straight


Hip Homophones: grate/grate, stake/steak, mane/main, pain/pane, mail/male, sale/sail.

Autumn 1


Focus sound: /ee/ coded ea, ee, ie, ei, e, e_e


Curriculum words: breathe, increase, believe, reign, recent, extreme, complete


Hip Homophones: meat/meet, week/weak, steal/steel, bean/been, piece/peace


Powerful prefixes: re and ad