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Friday 26/02

Today is Finish Off Friday! 


You have no 'work' set for today, but we do have a couple of tasks for you: 


1. Teams Call- 10.40- Scattegories. See explanation on Teams.


2. Potato Book Character- As we can't all be in school this World Book Day, you have been set the task of creating a character from a book on to a potato or stone. You can use paints, varnish, pens etc to create it. Then on World Book Day, have your character ready for our Teams meeting. There is a prize for the winner and runner up.


3. Finish off- As it is finish off Friday, it gives you time to catch up on any assignments you have outstanding.


4. RE- optional work linked to Purim, which is celebrated today and tomorrow:


a) Make hamantaschen, which are traditional Jewish cookies. I've attached the recipe.


b) Make a grogger (or gragger). Jews make a noise during the reading of the story of Esther, so whenever they hear the name of Haman, who was the evil one who wanted to kill the Jews, they have fun drowning out his name with noise. You could make one and then shake it when listening to the story.


You could watch/listen to this version of the story and drown out Haman each time he is mentioned:


5. Art- Why not have a go at this fun art task? Follow the link to our art page: found below.


6. Teams Call - BINGO!


Other than that, I'd like you to do things that make you happy! I'll look forward to seeing you for Scattergories and Bingo!


** If you would like some work- you can complete the homework pages, read you reading book, quiz or practise your spellings.



Love from Miss Wildthing cool