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Spellings Years 2-6


We are introducing a fabulous new spelling scheme called SCODE.


What is SCODE & how will it help in my child’s learning?

SCODE is a phonics-based spelling scheme that teaches the National Curriculum spelling requirements for KS2. SCODE gives priority to helping children develop a wide and varied vocabulary. SCODE does this by focusing on:

•         Sounds and their codes

•         Etymology (the history and origin of words)

•         The power of practising

•         Teaching spelling in a fun and encouraging way


How can Parents/Carers help encourage their child’s learning with SCODE?

Your child may come home with Super Scoder homework. These tasks are an opportunity for your child to practise what they have learnt in the classroom, they do not introduce new learning. To support your child with spelling at home, there are some videos clips on the link below.


Teachers will upload their class’ sounds and spellings onto their class page, on our website.


Due to the nature of the new scheme, there may be some overlaps in sounds, which have already been taught so please bear with us. However, revisiting these sounds will only benefit the children and help to further embed the learning.