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English: I hope you enjoyed your reading task yesterday.  Today is going to be another reading based task.  Can you design a new front cover for your favourite book?  What do you think needs to be included to help readers see what this book might be about?  If you are desperate to do some writing, you could write a new blurb for the book.


Maths: I hope you had fun on your array hunt around the house yesterday!  Today I'd like you to make some of your own, you could use play dough, buttons, leaves, anything you have lying around.


Can you make arrays for these multiplications:


3 X 2 =

5 X 4 =

2 X 10 =

6 x 10 =

4 x 2 = 

3 x 5 =


Multiplication is commutative, that means it can be done in any order and you will still get the same answer just like addition.  For example, 2 x 5 = 10 but 5 x 2 =10 too!  For your challenge, if you choose to do it, when you've made your arrays for the different multiplications can you write another multiplication for it?


Science: Our Science topic last half term was Plants, due to the season we were unable to get out in the school grounds and identify the different trees.  We found out which ones were deciduous and which ones were evergreen.  (Children, can you explain what those two words mean to your adults?)  So today, (or whenever you get the chance!) I'd like you to identify the trees near your house/in your garden/on the route of your daily walk or bike ride!  We identify the type of tree by looking at the leaf.  I have attached an identification sheet for you to use to help.