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The amazing work gallery!

Year 2's Amazing Gallery of Work!

This page is to showcase all the amazing work you have completed at home. If you would like something added to this page that you have completed and that you are really proud of please email a picture to the school office!


Click on the rainbow to see the work completed during the summer term of school closure. Work from the spring term can be seen below.

Below is all the fantastic learning you all completed in the Spring term during the school closure. A big well done I am so proud of you!

Fantastic William Shakespeare work, well done Freya, Paige, Hywel, Joshua, Finbar, Thomas, Olivia and Connie.

Terrific Timelines of Shakespeare's life! By Joshua, Zach, Hywel, Finbar, Thomas and Olivia.

Take a look at these brilliant list poems by Finbar, Ruby, Connie and Olivia.

MEGA MATHS - We all know one of our favourite lessons has always been Maths! Take a look at this amazing MEGA MATHS from Jonah, Freya, Hywel, Thomas, Fin and Olivia!

Year 2 is getting creative! Well done Ruby, Freya, Hywel and Paige. Great work from Olivia and her sister Jessica too.

The London Bus - Poetry Reviews by Ruby, Thomas and Olivia

Funky Phonics, Reading and Handwriting!

Super SCIENCE! Hywel has been exploring and Olivia and her sister Jessica have been looking after their tadpoles!

Being Reflective, helping others and working together.