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Thursday 2nd July 2020


Don't forget our teams meeting is tomorrow afternoon.

See tomorrow's page for your group's time.


Our fourth problem of the week today and again it is a problem that can be solved in many different ways but only has one correct answer. I wonder how you will tackle this.



Think about what you have been told in the problem.

Think about what you know.


If you fancy another similar problem have a go at the one below. However this problem has many different answers. How many will you find? You might need to use your animal knowledge too! 


Today you are going to use the words and phrases that you generated yesterday to create an acrostic poem all about sunflowers. We have written this style of poetry before. The picture below might jog your memory.

The job today is to fit your fabulous ideas with the letters.

s u n f l o w e r

There is an example below but I think we can be more descriptive and original with our ideas.





I have created a section on our amazing work gallery all about sunflowers so I would love to see your poems when they are finished.


Topic/Theme - Art

Take a look at this picture. Do you like it? What is it a picture of? 


This is a panting of sunflowers by a very famous artist called Vincent Van Gogh.  He painted this picture in 1888 and called his work 'Sunflowers'.

Read the powerpoint below to find out more about this painting and Vincent Van Gogh then there is a colouring page for you to complete of this famous painting.