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RE and Reflection Task

Who was the Prophet Muhammad, and why is he important to Muslims?

Who is a leader?
 Who leads a school, a football team, a TV show, a family, a country? Does anyone lead the world? 


Talk about leaders and what they do. Pick out the idea that a leader sets an inspiring or good example. A good leader is not the one with the loudest shout, or the best fighter, or the cleverest – a good leader sets a good example.


Can you think of any relegious leaders?

The Prophet is a leader for Muslims.


 Prophet Muhammad is such a special leader that he has over 1.5 billion followers who respect him, all over the world. People have followed his teaching for over 1400 years!
 More than 1400 years ago he taught all Muslim people how to follow God. He is so special that when Muslims talk about him, when they say his name they say ‘Peace be upon him’. And when they write his name they put the letters ‘PBUH’ after his name.



Muhammad and the Cat

Still image for this video

Possible activities for you to complete linked to the above discussion and story:

  • Draw or paint a picture of Muhammad's wonderful robe, then draw or paint a picture of the cat at the end of the day.
  • What would you do when the sick cat walked up to you? Pretend you are one of the people listening to the holy prophet. What would you do when the cat sat on his robe?
  • Share a story about when you asked somebody to help you. Have you ever sacrificed something to help a friend? Share a story about when a person or an animal needed your help.
  • Think and talk about a way to help someone in your neighborhood school or workplace.