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Good morning lovelies!  I hope you're all ok and things are going fine with the home learning.  I have scheduled teams meetings for tomorrow afternoon and an email should have been sent to your parents with your time.  Look forward to seeing you! smiley
Thursday, 1.00 pm Thursday 1.45 pm Thursday 2.30 pm
Thomas Luca Elsa
Bodhi Franklin Bella
Amelia J Toby C Grace
Edward George Eliza
Ayva Dolly Emily
Madison Olivia Zach
Florrie Toby F Max
Dawson Maddie Preston
Mason Toby DC Alice
Amelia C   Imogen

Well being Wednesday!


' Brighter Day Tomorrow ' from Out of the Ark Music @ Home (Words on Screen Lyric Video)

' Brighter Day Tomorrow ' - Out of the Ark Music @ Home This aspirational track addresses the issue of impacting tomorrow by the simple choices we make today...

Maths:  Continuing our fractions work, we're going to be finding a half of a shape again, but you'll have more shapes to use!  There are two different levels of challenge in the document below, choose the one that is right for you!