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Special Places


A few weeks ago we were looking at our special places, including my own.

We also looked at Churches, which are special places for Christians and their faith Christianity.


Today we're going to be looking at a special place for Muslims.

A Muslim's faith is Islam and their special place is a Mosque, where they pray.


Below is a story about Imran. He is a Muslim and he follows the faith Islam.


“Imran walked past the building site every day coming home from school, and saw the wall and the scaffolding. He wondered what was behind it. Mum said it was a new mosque, and they would go there to pray. 

At last the new mosque was finished. On Saturday it was the opening. Imran still hadn’t seen it. Mum helped Imran to dress for a special day, his smartest traditional clothes, not just his usual jeans and T Shirt. His uncle and cousins came to the house for lunch. Then they all walked to the mosque together. Last time he’d seen it, there was scaffolding and a building site. But now it was amazing – a gleaming tower, a dome, lots of huge glass windows, a huge room with a flat carpet, and loads – hundreds or thousands was it – of people. When he went in, it was very crowded, and beautiful. Everyone did the prayers to Allah together, facing the front – Ahmed’s cousin told him they were facing Makkah. How did he feel? Excited, calm, close to God. At the end of the prayers, everyone wished each other peace: ‘Peace be upon you’ they all said. Imran joined in. It gave him a special feeling of calm, and he remembered his uncle’s big word: brotherhood. It felt like everyone was brother and sister. He said thank you to Allah for the lovely new mosque in a whispered prayer. His uncle and cousins came back for tea.” 


Have a look at the following PowerPoint so see pictures of Mosques.

There is also an optional colouring activity.